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Gallery Food Photography is an award-winning partnership based on the Greek island of Rhodes. Since moving from London to Rhodes in 2008, Chris & Karen Watts have strived to create original, modern and vibrant imagery for exhibitions & interior decor.

In 2012 Gallery Food Photography won the iTQi Superior Photo Award for their macro image of a rainbow-tailed prawn called Kitty. In 2016 we were shortlisted and commended in the prestigious Pink Lady Food Photographer Of The Year awards with a photograph of a prawn playing a harp.

A picture is for life and not just for a menu. Gallery Food Photography offers high quality images for any purpose – from simple point-of-sale displays to  large, stand-alone framed prints. All images can be delivered either electronically in any format or hand-printed by us to any size.

We like to work closely with clients to produce the most striking and complimentary images as possible. Food photography can be intricate and time-consuming. We’re aware that one man’s sushi is another man’s fishcake and that the skill of presentation is the key to great food photography. Similarly there is no such thing as an ugly ingredient. It is simply a matter of perspective. The internet has enabled millions of people to share their food photography. We have compiled a few personal tips and techniques here which might be of use to those hoping to take their photography further and keep you sane in the kitchen.


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Food Alive


The true stars of food photography are usually those furthest from the camera.

The true stars are those people who grow, nurture, harvest, sell, distribute, buy, wash, prep and cook the food which ultimately arrives on our plates. Professional food photographers would be nowhere without the talented chefs and kitchen assistants who can turn potatoes into gold. In recognition of these often unsung heroes we have dedicated our Food Alive page to all those people behind the scenes who work day and night to produce the food which keeps us alive.


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Kalliopi Kitchen

photography on rhodes

Karen’s popular food blogs are now gathered together on the Villa Lindos Kalioppi website. Karen has been contributing to Pete and Phil’s luxury villa website here on Rhodes for almost two years now with recipes, cooking tips and island observations.

Please visit the VLK website here and Karen’s blogs can be found here.


photography on rhodes